Thursday, 19 June 2008

VA - Osmanlı Saray Müzikleri (The Ottoman Classical Palace Music)

VA - Osmanlı Saray Müzikleri
(The Ottoman Classical Palace Music)

01. Acem Aşiran Saz Semaisi - Mısırlı İbrahim Efendi
02. Hüseyni Peşrev - Lavtacı Andon
03. Hüseyni Tkasim (Ney - Tanbur)
04. Hüseyni Saz Semaisi - Lavtacı Andon
05. Segah Peşrev - Yusuf Paşa
06. Ferahfeza Taksim (Tanbur)
07. Ferahfeza Saz Semaisi - Tanburi Cemil Bey
08. Hicaz Saz semaisi - Refik Talat Bey
09. Hüzzam Taksim (Kanun - Keman)
10. Neveser Taksim (Tanbur)
11. Kürdili Hicazkar Taksim (Tanbur)
12. Muhayyer Saz Semaisi - Tanburi Cemil Bey

Kanun: Turgut Özüfler
Keman: Hasan Nar
Ney: Başar Dikici
Tanbur: Alper Uzkur

* Ripped by Paslichaki

Part 1

Part 2

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Corciolli - Music of The Shamans (O Poder Da Musica Xama)

Corciolli - Music of The Shamans
(O Poder Da Musica Xama )

01 - Shamanic Way (Caminho Xama)
02 - Forest Spirit (Espírito da Floresta)
03 - La Bruja De La Cura
04 - Rain Dance (Danca da Chuva)


Corciolli is a Brazilian musician. He was born in the city of Sao Paulo, and begun his musical studies at 13. Besides the organ and classic piano classes, he developed a deep interest for electronic synthesizers and their wide range of sound possibilities. Two years later, he formed his first band, where he performed his compositions and arrangements.
In 1986, working as a musician, he went to the architecture and urbanism college, graduating in 1990. During these years, he played with Celso Pixinga and with the band Espírito Cigano, and composed the pieces that would be part of his first CD All That Binds Us. With this album, he established the Azul Music record company, in 1993.

In the following years, he produced albums attached to the magazines Planeta, PlanetaNovaEra, IstoÉ, Áudio News, MotorShow and Inside. In 1995, he released the CD Unio Mystica, a musical suite in seven movements that presented alchemical texts in Latin, Gregorian Chants and orchestral arrangements. This album brought him international projection, being blessed by Pope John Paul II and released in several countries.

In 1996, he was invited by the Tibetan Monks of Gaden Shartse to perform at the Latin America Memorial, in São Paulo. Afterwards, he recorded the album The New Moon of East, an unedited meeting between the Tibetan sacred music and the work of a Western musician. In 2000, he released the Tudoazul collection: ten CDs inspired in the main alternative therapies and ancestral systems of knowledge. The collection became a best seller, being widely recognized and consolidating Azul Music as a reference in the phonographic market.

With albums released all over the world, featuring in international collections side by side with Vangelis, Yossou N´Dour, Dead Can Dance and Sarah Brightman, Corciolli’s music is inspired and unique. His work is revealed in the rich subtlety of details which unite the traditional to the contemporary; the acoustic to the electronic. To Corciolli, music must not be imposed by limits, rules or styles. It’s got to move, and to charm, by its own.
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Sunday, 8 June 2008

VA - Songs From the Steppes - Kazakh Music Today

VA - Songs From the Steppes - Kazakh Music Today
Kazakistan (Kazakhstan)

01. Kara Kozim (My Black-Eyed Beauty) - Ardak Balazhanova,
02. Kongil Ashar (Cheering Up) - Anar Muzdakhanova,
03. Kara Kemir (A Place Name)
04. Zhez Kiik (The Copper-Colored Antelope)
05. Saulem-Ai (My Darling) - Elmira Zhanabergenova
06. Guldariga (A Girl's Name)
07. Dolana (Hawthorn) - Brian Musaeva
08. Ak Kaiin (White Birch) - Kurmash Ibishev
09. Buldirgen (Wild Strawberries)
10. Lligai (A Refrain Word)
11. Ak Ozen (White (Pure) Lake)
12. Zhez Kiik (The Copper Antelope)
13. Talim (Education) - Elmira Zhanabergenova
14. Sekirtpe (Playful) - Klara Tulenbaeva
15. Bastau (Introduction) - Klara Tulenbaeva
16. Sausakty Bastym Pernege ( a Touch on the Dhombra's Frets)
17. Ukili Kamshat (Girl's Beaver Cap) - Ardak Balazhanova
18. Dudarai (Curly-Headed One) - Madina Sadvakasova,
19. Altyn Altai (The Golden Altai) - Edil Huseinov
20. Tokym Kagar (Putting a Boy on the Horse) - Edil Huseinov


Sunday, 1 June 2008

Hamiyet Yüceses - Compilation Album

Hamiyet Yüceses
Compilation Album

01. Ada sahillerinde
02. Bakmıyor çeşm-i siyah feryade
03. Basimi taslara vurdum
04. Ben Kuskunum Felege
05. Bulbulum gel de dile
06. Doymadım sana
07. Esmerim güzelim
07. Geceler
08. Gezdigim dikenli ask yollarinda
09. Gördüm seni birgün
10. Hatıramdan çıkmaz asla
11. Herkes gitti yalniz kaldim meyhanede
12. Kadifeden kesesi
13. Makber
14. Makber 2.kısım
15. Solsan da sararsan
16. Sormadın halimi
17. Yana yana kül oldum


Hamiyet Yuceses (Istanbul, 1914-1996) was one of the greatest Turkish singers. She was famous for Gazel (Turkish Vocal improvisations)
She performed her first concert when she was 11.
Her powerful and smooth voice made her the greatest female vocal in Turkey.

This one is a compilation album of her.
* You will be surprised when you hear how much she sings without breathing. ( e.g Track 02 – Bakmıyor çeşm-i siyah feryade )