Sunday, 18 October 2009

Les Mogol - Danses et Rythmes de la Turquie

Les Mogol - Danses et Rythmes de la Turquie

01. Toroslar
02. Lorke
03. Ilgaz
04. Madimak
05. Iklig
06. Cheminées de Fées
07. Sunset In Golden Horn
08. The Legend Of Mount Ararat
09. Hamsi
10. Wild Flower
11. Cahit’s Tune
12. To A Clear Mind
13. Kaleidoscopic Dream


* The album won the Grand Prix du Disque of the Charles Cros Academy (previously won by such groups as Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix) in 1971.

Turkish folk meets fuzzier rock -- in a unique cross-crossing of styles that comes off beautifully! From the cover and the start of the record, you might think it's just a bunch of traditional numbers -- but as the set moves on, things get a bit weirder -- and some unexpected psychedelic instrumentation and production really make things sound great. The vibe is mostly instrumental, with touches that include funky piano, fuzzy guitar, and dark little basslines that slide underneath the tunes and really create a great kind of groove! As with most Turkish albums from the time, there's a sound here that's completely fresh -- and which has a great appeal to both fans of offbeat funk and trippier rock! Titles include "Madimak", "Iklig", "Toroslar", "Lorke", "Ilgaz", "The Legend Of Mount Ararat", "Hamsi", "Cahit's Tune", "Wild Flower", and "Kaleidoscopic Dream". (Source:

Moğollar (meaning Mongols in Turkish) is one of the pioneer bands in Turkish rock music for about 40 years and one of the founders of Turkish ethno rock music (or Anatolian rock music). The major goal of the band is to prove that folk music has a multi-layered soul and folk music's dynamism is very close to pop music's dynamism.
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Monday, 8 June 2009

VA - Nonesuch Explorer Series - Bahamas - Beautiful Songs

VA - Nonesuch Explorer Series - Bahamas - Beautiful Songs
Bahamalar (The Bahamas)

01. Won't That Be a Happy Time
02. Peter, You Need The Lord
03. When the Leaves Turn Red
04. We Will Understand It Better B
05. Don't Take Everybody to Be You
06. Kneeling Down Inside the Gate
07. Great Dream from Heaven
08. Jesus Your Name So Sweet
09. I Bid Your Goodnight
10. There Will Be Happy Meeting
11. I See Mary and Joseph [Death and Woman]
12. Up in the Heaven Shouting
13. Ain'i No Grave Gonna Hold God


Sunday, 24 May 2009

VA - Burundi - The Sacred Drums & Other Sounds

VA - Burundi - The Sacred Drums & Other Sounds

01. Lullaby (ingara and voice)
02. Musical Accompanying The Work In The Fiel (ensemble of three)
03. Worksong (ikembe, umuduli, inanga and voice)
04. Lullaby (inanga and voice)
05. Iterative Song (umuduli, leading voice and choir)
06. Epic Song (ikembe, umuduli, voice)
07. Introduction To The Instruments (umuduli, inanga, ikembe)
08. Song Of Homesickness (ikembe, umuduli, inanga and voice)
09. The Drums Of Burundi (Promenade - ensemble of 17 drums)
10. The Drums Of Burundi (Ritual - ensemble of 17 drums)
11. The Drums Of Burundi (Finale - ensemble of 17 drums)


Monday, 12 January 2009

Gabin Dabire - Afriki Djamana (Music from Burkina Faso)

Gabin Dabire - Afriki Djamana (Music from Burkina Faso)
Burkina Faso

01. Sénégal
02. Djilbié
03. Bibilé
04. Guidiga
05. Kjima
06. Kalé
07. Bagà bagà
08. Moso
09. Mamidi
10. Mana mana ko
11. Amadou
12. Mousso


Gabin Dabiré is a singer, guitar player, and composer from Burkina Faso.

Gabin Dabiré's music has universal appeal, it speaks beyond the narrow confines of Burkina Faso or even Africa. This may be partly explained by the fact that Dabire wields the acoustic guitar in the same troubadour tradition of African guitar legends like Jean Bosco Mwenda, S.E. Rogie and Ali Farka Toure. However, he is truly original in layering various sounds over each other. Each song is indelibly stamped with Dabire's unmistakable trademark tapestry whereby the sound of one instrument is woven into the next, creating sparkling sound waves.

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Friday, 7 November 2008

VA - Music of the Tswana People
Tswana (Botsvana)

01. Reng Ya Lenyalo
02. Tlholwe Le Mutle
03. Tonki
04. Matlebe Lekwane
05. Jikelele
06. Senanapo
07. Serangapane
08. Ngwana Wa Lla
09. Mapule
10. Badimo Ba Boletse
11. Badisa
12. Serantabole
13. Maharero
14. Maena
15. Tshipi Sepanere
16. Boferefere
17. Tsie
18. Magamana
19. Tselane
20. Semang
21. Botswana


Monday, 3 November 2008

Julien Jacob - Cotonou

Julien Jacob – Cotonou

01. Ankelson
02. Jesse
03. Cotonou
04. Yacob
05. Nielep
06. Mêh
07. Mâât
08. Rag
09. Oma
10. Yab
11. Ouou
12. Hakbab


* “Kelimeler anlamlarını, sadece taşıdıkları duygular içinde bulurlar” diyor Julien.
Bu yüzden çocuk yaşta ülkesinden ayrılıp Fransa’da yaşamasına rağmen, bilinmeyen bir dilde, kendi gizemli dilinde, şarkı söylemeyi tercih etmiş.
Bence hoş, tavsiye ederim… Özellikle albümün ilk şarkısı Ankelson, değişen ritimleriyle oldukça güzel.
Daha fazla Afrika ritmi isteyenler için de albümün dördüncü şarkısı Yacob’u öneririm.

Julien Jacob arrives in France in his early childhood. His West-Indians parents settled in the south of France. For him, who was born in Benin, Africa, it was the encounter with a new culture. But he will retain the imprint of African chants and rhythms from his native country.

Passionate about music from his early childhood, Jazz, black american Motown music, mystical oriental chants but also seventies pop-rock all are grains which will unite to enrich his artistic talent.

At the age of 17, he performed on stage for the first time as lead singer in a rock band. After a few years he decided to go his own way and left the group in 1983. From then on , he concentrated on composing his own music. But during this period, he often frequent backstage at the concerts of world renowned artists like David Bowie, Miles Davis...Backstage, he had intense artistic encounters, in particular a fabulous evening with Fela Kuti.

Inspiration pushes him to sing in a mysterious language which he find within himself. An unknown language which everybody can understand because the words only find their meaning in the emotions they carry. And he addresses himself to the heart, to everybody’s space of intimate peace. At the same time, he started writing books. He has forever followed an internal quest. Music and writing are, for him, two different ways to express hi own perception of life.

His second album "Cotonou" (Wrasse Records) was released in 2005. An album that is very highly regarded by the international press. He gets back on the road again and performs on many stages in Europe and France.
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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Bonga - O'melhor De Bonga

Bonga - O'melhor De Bonga

01. Mulemba Xangola
02. Ngui Tename
03. Mona Ki Ngi Xica
04. Agua Rara
05. Incaldido
06. Balumukeno
07. Kamusekele
08. Sodade
09. Ngana Ngonga
10. Muadikime
11. Kua N'gongo
12. De Maos Aabanar
13. Recordando Pio


Bonga Kwenda (born José Adelino Barceló de Carvalho), better known as Bonga, is a pop singer and songwriter from Angola. Bonga was born in 1943 in the province of Bengo, and left Angola at age 23 to become an athlete, becoming the Angolan record holder for the 400 metres. He had already begun his singing career at age 15.

Bonga abandoned athletics in 1972, concentrating solely on his music, and immediately became famous in his native country, as well as in Portugal, where he became a hit both with immigrants from the ex-colonies, and Portuguese of both African and European descent. He has released over 30 albums, singing in Portuguese and traditional Angolan languages. His tracks are a mixture of Portuguese folk sounds, semba, kizomba and latin elements.

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Monday, 18 August 2008

VA - A Mosaic of Music

VA - A Mosaic of Music
Avusturya (Austria)

01 Uffom Strich
02 Juz
03 Jodler
04 Almabtrieb
05 Ja wann i von Wean weggeh
06 Mir is'alles an's
07 Im Gru¦ênen
08 Jetz ist die Zeit und Stunde da
09 Boarischer
10 Rekruten sat's lustig
11 Tanz
12 Furman bi se vozio
13 Hallsta¦êdter Landler
14 Innviertler Landler
15 Geigenjodler
16 Staad-Lustiger
17 Neulich kam ein Maderl zu mir
18 Walzer
19 Und a Almhu¦êtt
20 Boarischer
21 Es werfen die berger ab, die Ma¦êntel des Hermelin
22 Landler
23 Der Tratenbacher
24 Schottischer aus Scho¦ênbach
25 Die Keiserbirne
26 Almschrei
27 Almschrei
28 Alm mit Viehlockrufen
29 U¦êbelbacher
30 Jodler
31 Jodler
32 Mein Gruss

Part 1
Part 2

Friday, 15 August 2008

Llan De Cubel - L'Otru Llau de la Mar

Llan De Cubel - L'Otru Llau de la Mar
İspanya (Spain)

01. Candanín
02. Les salees
03. El xarreru
04. L'otru llau de la mar
05. San Roque
06. Tengo de subir al puertu
07. Rigu Esva
08. Tendéi les redes
09. Ya con ésto, alón


Llan de Cubel are a celtic folk band from Asturias (Spain) which specializes in playing Asturian folk music.

Formed in 1984, the seven member group has been part of an overall revival and revitalization of Asturian traditional music. The band is a frequent participant in Celtic music festivals, both inside and outside of Asturias, such as the Festival Interceltique de Lorient. True to their effort to play authentic Asturian music, Llan de Cubel play authentic Asturian instruments, such as pipes, bagpipes, fiddles, accordions, and guitars, and the band has been known to conduct research into the music of that region.

Llan de Cubel have won several awards for their music. (Wikipedia)

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Mercedes Sosa - 30 Anos

Mercedes Sosa - 30 Anos
Arjantin (Argentina)

01. La Maza
02. Maria, Maria
03. Gracias a la Vida
04. Todo Cambia
05. Solo le Pido a Dios - (live, with Leon Gieco)
06. Cancion con Todos
07. Anos
08. Alfonsina y el Mar
09. Maria Va - (live, with Antonio Tarrago Ros)
10. Unicornio
11. Cancion Para Carito
12. Luna Tucumana
13. Hermano Dame Tu Mano
14. Como la Cigarra - (live)
15. Si Se Calla el Cantor - (live, with Horacio Guarany)
16. Inconciente Colectivo - (live, with Milton Nascimento/Charly Garcia)
17. La Arenosa
18. Duerme Negrito
19. Al Jardin de la Republica
20. Dale Alegria a Mi Corazon


Sunday, 13 July 2008

Billie Holiday - Gold Collection

Billie Holiday - Gold Collection
Amerika (USA)

CD 1
01. What a Little Moonlight Can Do
02. Twenty-Four Hours a Day
03. These 'N' That 'N' Those
04. Let's Call a Heart a Heart
05. Please Keep Me in Your Dreams
06. You're So Desirable
07. Hello My Darling
08. Let's Dream in the Moonlight
09. More Than You Know
10. Under a Blue Jungle Moon
11. Night and Day
12. What Is This Going to Get Us?
13. Loveless Love
14. Georgia on My Mind
15. Romance in the Dark
16. God Bless the Child
17. Jim
18. Wherever You Are
19. Until the Real Thing Comes Along
20. Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

CD 2
01. Fine and Mellow
02. Keeps on A-Rainin'
03. He's Funny That Way
04. I Cover the Waterfront
05. Lover, Come Back to Me
06. Them There Eyes
07. Lover Man
08. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
09. Just Friends
10. Everything Happens to Me
11. Prelude to a Kiss
12. I Must Have That Man!
13. Willow Weep for Me
14. I Only Have Eyes for You
15. My Man
16. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone, Pt. 1
17. Don't Explain
18. Porgy
19. 'Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do
20. Billie's Blues

Part 1
Part 2

Billie Holiday (born Eleanora Fagan; April 7, 1915 – July 17, 1959) was an American jazz singer and songwriter.

Nicknamed Lady Day by her sometime collaborator Lester Young, Holiday was a seminal influence on jazz, and pop singing. Her vocal style — strongly inspired by instrumentalists — pioneered a new way of manipulating wording and tempo, and also popularized a more personal and intimate approach to singing. Critic John Bush wrote that she "changed the art of American pop vocals forever." She co-wrote only a few songs, but several of them have become jazz standards, notably "God Bless the Child," "Don't Explain," and "Lady Sings the Blues."
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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Essa Kassimi - Art of Rabab of Afghanistan

Essa Kassimi - Art of Rabab of Afghanistan

01. Rag Bairavi (23.03)
02. Rag Airi Bairo (19.22)


Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Hafız Burhan - Aşkın Gözyaşları

Hafız Burhan – Aşkın Gözyaşları

01. Gönlümü Aşka Salan
02. Bir Gönülde İki Sevda Olmaz
03. Makber (Her Yer Karanlık
04. Bilmiyordum sevgiyi
05. Busen Ne Alevdi Dile Yüz Bir Yare Açtı
06. Sevdası Henüz Sinede Göynüm Gibi Sağdı
07. Sabrımı Gamzelerinin Sihriyle
08. Sevdama İnan Kalbime Bir Lahzada Aktın
09. Söyleyin Güneşe Bugün Doğmasın
10. Ben Yemenimi Al İsterim
11. Aşkın Gözyaşları
12. İmdidad-ı Aşkıma Çeşmi Siyahındır Sebep
13. Yüzüm Şen hatıram Şen
14. Nar-ı Hasret Yaktı Mahvetti
15. Evvelce Hudayı Tanımış Olmasa Gönlüm
16. Gittin Bu Gece
17. Yine Kalbim Taşar Ağlar
18. Memo

Part 1
Part 2

(166 MB with 22 MB Turkish – English booklet)

* Thanks PasliChaki for this great album

Thursday, 19 June 2008

VA - Osmanlı Saray Müzikleri (The Ottoman Classical Palace Music)

VA - Osmanlı Saray Müzikleri
(The Ottoman Classical Palace Music)

01. Acem Aşiran Saz Semaisi - Mısırlı İbrahim Efendi
02. Hüseyni Peşrev - Lavtacı Andon
03. Hüseyni Tkasim (Ney - Tanbur)
04. Hüseyni Saz Semaisi - Lavtacı Andon
05. Segah Peşrev - Yusuf Paşa
06. Ferahfeza Taksim (Tanbur)
07. Ferahfeza Saz Semaisi - Tanburi Cemil Bey
08. Hicaz Saz semaisi - Refik Talat Bey
09. Hüzzam Taksim (Kanun - Keman)
10. Neveser Taksim (Tanbur)
11. Kürdili Hicazkar Taksim (Tanbur)
12. Muhayyer Saz Semaisi - Tanburi Cemil Bey

Kanun: Turgut Özüfler
Keman: Hasan Nar
Ney: Başar Dikici
Tanbur: Alper Uzkur

* Ripped by Paslichaki

Part 1

Part 2

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Corciolli - Music of The Shamans (O Poder Da Musica Xama)

Corciolli - Music of The Shamans
(O Poder Da Musica Xama )

01 - Shamanic Way (Caminho Xama)
02 - Forest Spirit (Espírito da Floresta)
03 - La Bruja De La Cura
04 - Rain Dance (Danca da Chuva)


Corciolli is a Brazilian musician. He was born in the city of Sao Paulo, and begun his musical studies at 13. Besides the organ and classic piano classes, he developed a deep interest for electronic synthesizers and their wide range of sound possibilities. Two years later, he formed his first band, where he performed his compositions and arrangements.
In 1986, working as a musician, he went to the architecture and urbanism college, graduating in 1990. During these years, he played with Celso Pixinga and with the band Espírito Cigano, and composed the pieces that would be part of his first CD All That Binds Us. With this album, he established the Azul Music record company, in 1993.

In the following years, he produced albums attached to the magazines Planeta, PlanetaNovaEra, IstoÉ, Áudio News, MotorShow and Inside. In 1995, he released the CD Unio Mystica, a musical suite in seven movements that presented alchemical texts in Latin, Gregorian Chants and orchestral arrangements. This album brought him international projection, being blessed by Pope John Paul II and released in several countries.

In 1996, he was invited by the Tibetan Monks of Gaden Shartse to perform at the Latin America Memorial, in São Paulo. Afterwards, he recorded the album The New Moon of East, an unedited meeting between the Tibetan sacred music and the work of a Western musician. In 2000, he released the Tudoazul collection: ten CDs inspired in the main alternative therapies and ancestral systems of knowledge. The collection became a best seller, being widely recognized and consolidating Azul Music as a reference in the phonographic market.

With albums released all over the world, featuring in international collections side by side with Vangelis, Yossou N´Dour, Dead Can Dance and Sarah Brightman, Corciolli’s music is inspired and unique. His work is revealed in the rich subtlety of details which unite the traditional to the contemporary; the acoustic to the electronic. To Corciolli, music must not be imposed by limits, rules or styles. It’s got to move, and to charm, by its own.
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Sunday, 8 June 2008

VA - Songs From the Steppes - Kazakh Music Today

VA - Songs From the Steppes - Kazakh Music Today
Kazakistan (Kazakhstan)

01. Kara Kozim (My Black-Eyed Beauty) - Ardak Balazhanova,
02. Kongil Ashar (Cheering Up) - Anar Muzdakhanova,
03. Kara Kemir (A Place Name)
04. Zhez Kiik (The Copper-Colored Antelope)
05. Saulem-Ai (My Darling) - Elmira Zhanabergenova
06. Guldariga (A Girl's Name)
07. Dolana (Hawthorn) - Brian Musaeva
08. Ak Kaiin (White Birch) - Kurmash Ibishev
09. Buldirgen (Wild Strawberries)
10. Lligai (A Refrain Word)
11. Ak Ozen (White (Pure) Lake)
12. Zhez Kiik (The Copper Antelope)
13. Talim (Education) - Elmira Zhanabergenova
14. Sekirtpe (Playful) - Klara Tulenbaeva
15. Bastau (Introduction) - Klara Tulenbaeva
16. Sausakty Bastym Pernege ( a Touch on the Dhombra's Frets)
17. Ukili Kamshat (Girl's Beaver Cap) - Ardak Balazhanova
18. Dudarai (Curly-Headed One) - Madina Sadvakasova,
19. Altyn Altai (The Golden Altai) - Edil Huseinov
20. Tokym Kagar (Putting a Boy on the Horse) - Edil Huseinov


Sunday, 1 June 2008

Hamiyet Yüceses - Compilation Album

Hamiyet Yüceses
Compilation Album

01. Ada sahillerinde
02. Bakmıyor çeşm-i siyah feryade
03. Basimi taslara vurdum
04. Ben Kuskunum Felege
05. Bulbulum gel de dile
06. Doymadım sana
07. Esmerim güzelim
07. Geceler
08. Gezdigim dikenli ask yollarinda
09. Gördüm seni birgün
10. Hatıramdan çıkmaz asla
11. Herkes gitti yalniz kaldim meyhanede
12. Kadifeden kesesi
13. Makber
14. Makber 2.kısım
15. Solsan da sararsan
16. Sormadın halimi
17. Yana yana kül oldum


Hamiyet Yuceses (Istanbul, 1914-1996) was one of the greatest Turkish singers. She was famous for Gazel (Turkish Vocal improvisations)
She performed her first concert when she was 11.
Her powerful and smooth voice made her the greatest female vocal in Turkey.

This one is a compilation album of her.
* You will be surprised when you hear how much she sings without breathing. ( e.g Track 02 – Bakmıyor çeşm-i siyah feryade )

Monday, 26 May 2008

Okay Temiz - Darbukas and Zournas

Okay Temiz – Darbukas and Zournas

Track List
01. Kobra
02. Kütahyanin Pinarlari
03. Kanzurka
04. Suat'a
05. Sekiz Buka
06. 9 Steps
07. Basamak


He is the master of Turkish fusion jazz in Turkey. If you like his music, I can upload some of his albums here.

More information about him and his music, visit his official web site :

Friday, 23 May 2008

Graeme Revell - Vision II - Spirit of Rumi

Graeme Revell - Vision II - Spirit of Rumi
Avustralya (Australia)

Track List
01. Seek In Your Heart
02. Don't Go Back To Sleep
03. The Ocean
04. Eyes Go Blind (Aya)
05. The Breath (The Color Of Dying)
06. The Center
07. Lovers At Night We Fall
08. Nine Layers Of Illusion
09. Desert Dusk
10. Don't Go Back To Sleep (Reprise)
11. The Great Mystery


* To my foreign visitors;
Genre of the music is Sufi (our religious music), but the composer is Australian. It’s an interesting album.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

VA - Kosovo - Music of Albanian Kosovars

VA - Music of Albanian Kosovars
Kosova (Kosovo)

Track List
01. Karafili Edhe Zamki Gonda Manakovska
02. Trendafili Boj Shijere Redap Zijazi
03. O Ne Ate Fushe Te Mejdanit Gonda Manakovska
04. Vajzen Tuje Ne Mor Nuk E Dume Zajazi Trio
05. Hajda Musa, Musja E Vogel Gonda Manakovska
06. Po Te Baj Rixha Mori Ciko Zajazi Trio
07. Dashnuer T'u Bana Gonda Manakovska
08. Ne Bahtse Na Ka Ra Btyma Zajazi Trio
09. Cilia Nje Ate Zemar Plot Kujitime Behida Pakastica
10. Une Dola Ne Nje Baqe Gani Grubi
11. Krisi Pustika Gonda Manakovska
12. Ndije Kengen Dymbedhjet Vjet Zajazi Trio
13. More DJal I Mejdanit Zajazi Trio
14. Te Shtate Krajlat Dervish Shaqja
15. Instrumental (Sharki's And Fyell's) Ensemble (Sharkis, Fyells, Tupan)
16. Pyet Kosova Per Nje Cike Dervish Shaqja
17. Tane Kosova U Mlue Ne Tym (Hej Në Kacanikë E Në Bajilotinë) Dervish Shaqja