Sunday, 2 November 2008

Bonga - O'melhor De Bonga

Bonga - O'melhor De Bonga

01. Mulemba Xangola
02. Ngui Tename
03. Mona Ki Ngi Xica
04. Agua Rara
05. Incaldido
06. Balumukeno
07. Kamusekele
08. Sodade
09. Ngana Ngonga
10. Muadikime
11. Kua N'gongo
12. De Maos Aabanar
13. Recordando Pio


Bonga Kwenda (born José Adelino Barceló de Carvalho), better known as Bonga, is a pop singer and songwriter from Angola. Bonga was born in 1943 in the province of Bengo, and left Angola at age 23 to become an athlete, becoming the Angolan record holder for the 400 metres. He had already begun his singing career at age 15.

Bonga abandoned athletics in 1972, concentrating solely on his music, and immediately became famous in his native country, as well as in Portugal, where he became a hit both with immigrants from the ex-colonies, and Portuguese of both African and European descent. He has released over 30 albums, singing in Portuguese and traditional Angolan languages. His tracks are a mixture of Portuguese folk sounds, semba, kizomba and latin elements.

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zeporro said...

gracias por el disco.
me parece muy bueno Bonga, junto con Cesaria Evora es lo mejor de la música africana en portugués.

(google traductor)

thanks for the album.
I feel very good Bonga, along with Cesaria Evora the best of African music in Portuguese.